Selection and Placement

Our policy is to bring competent people who are open to innovation and change, and as well as who have the potential to develop themselves and their work.

It is our priority to provide long-term working opportunities by supporting these people with individual development plans.

The sources used in white-collar recruitment include career portals, consultancy firms, social media accounts,as well as applications from our website and company e-mails.

Blue collar recruitment works are carried out with İşkur and Tuzla Municipality's employment office. For open positions, the suitability of the existing employees is evaluated in view of the requirements, but if a suitable profile is not available within the company, external sources are referred. In addition, the references of our company employees for open positions (if the referenced candidate covers the core competencies for the position) are included in the evaluation process.

The recruitment process consists of 3 stages: In the first stage, the Human Resources Department evaluates all applications and carries out the preliminary interviews. Personality and foreign language proficiency tests are also performed.

In the second stage, the candidates who are acceptable, are invited to the second meeting with the relevant department manager. General manager attends for the critical positions.

In the final stage, reference checks and the job offer to the eligible candidate is carried out by human resources.