Sayerlack® Hydroplus Gold

Industrial water-based exterior stain and topcoat system

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Elastic film structure
  • High UV resistant
  • Allows wood to breathe, reduces wood moisture
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Thixotropic (can be applied vertically)
  • Quick drying
  • Has a two component primer for timbers such as iroko, teak, oak, chestnut etc., which contain tannin and oil.
AM 546/XX Series
189,90 TL/6 lt +VAT
749,90 TL/25 lt +VAT
AM 549/XX Series
189,90 TL/6 lt +VAT
749,90 TL/25 lt +VAT
AZ Series Varnish
1079,95 TL/25 lt +VAT
AM 603/91 Çam Primer
1059,95 TL/25 lt +VAT
AM 562/85 İroko Primer
1079,95 TL/25 lt +VAT
AH 1545 İroko Primer Hardener
299,95 TL/2,5 lt +VAT
XA 4026 Stabilizer
159,95 TL/6 lt +VAT

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Where to Use:

  • Doors and window joinery
  • Cladding


  • AM 546/XX, AM549/XX Stains 6 L., 25 L.
  • AM 562/85 Primer 25 L.
  • AH 1545 Hardener 2,5 L.
  • AZ 9030/86 Topcoat 6 L., 25 L.
  • HI-2011-Chestnut

    546/90 veya 549/90

  • HI-2012-Walnut

    546/84 veya 549/84

  • HI-2013-Dark-Walnut

    546/92 veya 549/92

  • HI-2014-Mahogany

    546/88 veya 549/88

  • HI-2015-Green

    546/66 veya 549/66

  • HI-2021-Teak

    546/51 veya 549/51


546 kod ile başlayan renkler, çam vb. yumuşak ağaçlar için uygundur.
549 kod ile başlayan renkler, iroko, teak vb. sert ağaçlar için uygundur.


The above colors are applied on pine and are intended to approximate the final color. The color and the gloss obtained will vary according to the type, texture and the absorbency of the wood. Film thickness and the number of coats applied will also affect the end result. To see the final color, it is recommended to apply the coating on the wood to be actually used.