Performance Management System

Performance Management System is applied based on an objective and a fair evaluation of employees by their existing performances and potentials . The outputs of this system are used both in individual development plans and in wage / bonus systems.

The performance is evaluated by the realization rate of the annual individual targets while the potential assessment is performed based on competence. The Potential Evaluation system, which is constructed by taking into account the duties and responsibilities of the company, is also the mutual feedback system of the manager and the employee.

Term Evaluation Process: The term evaluation is a sub-process of the potential and performance evaluation process. Each newly recruited employee performs a face-to-face assessment with his / her manager 15 days before the end of the legal trial period of 2 months and 1 month before the end of the 6-month working period. The purpose of these assessments is to assess the compliance of the employee with the company, the team and the task. If there are issues that need attention to the employee, these are reminded, feedback is given and taken. In this way, both the manager and the employee agree on the same point.