Toll Manufacturing / Private Label

Why reinvent the wheel? If your customers have a particular need, or you’re looking to enter a new market currently served by our existing line of premium wood stains & oils, try using a proven HEMEL product—with your label on it.

HEMEL is a long term wood  coating manufacturing facility, located in Istanbul, Turkey. We’ve been working with some of our private label partners for years under confidential contractual arrangements. Operating under a private label agreement with HEMEL allows our partners to maximize profits on their wood coatings: When you partner with HEMEL you get a full-service, turnkey supplier for all your paint and coatings needs thanks to our expertise in formulating, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfilling orders.

If you’re servicing customers in the wood coatings market, please browse through our current product offering to decide whether a HEMEL product is right for you.


  • Proven Quality, experience in timber preservation and maintenance for more than 50 years
  • Reduced risk during product development and performance testing
  • Production in accordance with the EU, Reach and CLP Regulations.
  • Product in compliance with environmental requirements with EN 71-3 certificate.
  • Sales organization, technical assistance and customer consultation services
  • Solutions to your market requirements with the support of modern quality control and R&D labs.


  • Enrich the value of your brand
  • New Product Category with no R&D cost
  • Achieve additional sales
  • Improve your overall profit
  • Exceed customer satisfaction with new product line


  • A full range of packaging choices
  • Custom labeling ability with a fully capable in house print shop
  • Production for solvent based, water based and Low VOC oil based products


  • Solvent and Water Based Exterior Wood Stain
  • Solvent and Water Based Exterior Breather Paint
  • Water Based Universal Impregnating Stain (Exterior/Interior)
  • Solvent Based Yacht Varnish
  • Water Based Wood Preservative
  • Water Based Stone Impregnator
  • Deck Oil
  • Water Based Deck Stain
  • Deck Cleaner
  • Teak Oil
  • Hardwood Oil
  • VOC Free Furniture and Parquet Oil
  • Water Based Parquet Varnishes
  • Water Based Sport Hall Parquet Varnishes
  • Water Based Panel Door Paint


For more information please call us or email us through contact us link.